Step 1 Initial Assessment

The main objective of the Assessment stage is to understand your requirements. For example what area are you interested in. How many bedrooms would you prefer and what size house would you like! In order for us to achieve this, we will need to ask you the following questions:

  • How much do you Qualify for?
  • How much can you afford to pay monthly?
  • Which area do you prefer?
  • What size house would you like?

Step 2 Required Documents

In order for our sales team to conduct an accurate affordability assessment, we will need the following documents. Please ensure you bring these documents with you for your interview.

  • Copy of ID Main applicant and Co applicant?
  • Latest pay slip. ( If you work overtime, we will require pay slips for 6 months).
  • Which area do you prefer?
  • 3 months bank statements. (If you work overtime, we will require bank statements for 6 months).

Step 3 Consultation

During the consultation, Our sales consultants will aim to get a good understanding of your specific requirements and needs. We will achieve this by addressing the following points.

  • Our sales team will look at your level of affordability and discuss your specific needs and requirements.
  • Latest pay slip. (If you work overtime, we will require pay slips for 6 months).
  • After discussing your needs, we will look at the various options that are available to you, which will include the areas, stand, and even house size. We will also discuss possible monthly repayments and obligations regarding a home loan.
  • At the end of the consultation, you should have a good indication on the size of house that you would like. We will generate you an official Quote and show you several building plans. Don’t worry if you can’t decide on the exact building plan, as you will always be able to change your mind later.
  • Now your sales agent will take you to your chosen area. We will show you the available stands, where you will have the opportunity to choose your stand.
  • After choosing your stand you will need to sign the Building Contract documentation.
  • Now your sales agent will explain the whole process in detail regarding the bank application, the attorney procedure, lodgment and registration, plan approval, NHBRC enrolment, connection fees, construction and occupation.

Step 4 Interview and Bank Application

On receipt of the requested documents and the signed building contract, our Loan & Bond Admin Department will submit your bond application to all the major banks.

The banks will need to do a credit check, qualification calculation and affordability assessment.

Although every care is taken by DCM housing to conduct proper affordability assessment, we cannot guarantee a bank approval for you loan.

Bank Approval

Once we receive confirmation of your bond’s approval, we will immediately:

  • Contact you with the name of the bank/s that have approved your loan and inform you of what the interest is.
  • You will then be required to sign the final quotation from the bank of your choice. Once the bank has received the signed quotation they will then go ahead and issue the bond registration instructions to the attorneys.

Should your bond application not be successful, we will still notify you immediately. You will then be invited back to the office to discuss where your application was unsuccessful and we will offer you a free consultation to discuss the issues and offer advice on how to rectify the problem.

Step 5 Architecht to draw building plan

Now that your bond has been approved, we can start looking into finalizing your house plan. This is where you can request changes until you are completely satisfied. Only then will we instruct the architect to finalize your building plan and to position the house as per your layout request. (if possible and according to City Council by-laws.

When positioning your house the architect will also take the building lines, electrical, water and sewage connections, as well as the movement of the sun into consideration.

Our architect will forward a provisional building plan and positioning for your approval before finalization.

Step 6 Sign with the Attorneys

Upon receipt of the bond instructions the bond attorneys will draw the necessary bond registration documents for you to sign.

The transfer attorneys (attending to the registration of the stand in your name) will also draw up transfer documents.

Sometimes the bond and transferring attorneys are not the same, and in such a case we will arrange with the transferring attorneys to forward your transfer documentation to bond attorneys, so that you sign all the document at one place.

Once we receive confirmation from the attorneys that the documents are ready for signature we will arrange an appointment with you. The following documents are required by the attorneys when you sign the documents with them:

  • Original Identity Document.
  • Original Proof of Residential Address.
  • Latest Pay Slip.
  • Tax Reference Number.

By the time you sign with the attorneys we will have the plan back from the architect and you will be required to come to our offices to view the plan and the positioning of the house on the stand and also sign certain building documents required by the bank that approved your application. We will then also finalize the finishes of the house with you.

If you are satisfied with the building plan and positioning of the house on the stand we will submit the plan to the City Council for approval and pay the water and sewage (if applicable) connection fees to the City Council.

Step 7 Instruction and Registration

Lodgment to the Deed Office can only take place once:

  • The transferring attorney has received a clearance certificate from the City Council and transfer duty receipt from SARS; and
  • The bond attorneys have a proceed instruction from the bank that all their conditions have been met.

On registration the following will happen:

  • The property (stand) will be transferred in your name.
  • A bond in favor of the applicable bank will be registered over the property.

Step 8 Construction

Construction can only commence on the the property (stand) and bond has been registered in the Deeds Office and the building plan approved by the City Council.

Once our building team goes on site, we will inform you, so that you can also go to the site whenever you want to see the progress.

During the construction period and to ensure that we build a quality product, inspections are conducted by the Structural Engineer, City Council Building Inspector and DCM Housing’s Project Manager.

Step 9 Hand over – Your new home is complete and ready for occupation

Upon completion of the house and once the City Council has issued the Occupation Certificate, we will contract you to arrange for a date on which you will take hand over of your house.

On this date we will meet with you at your house to do a final inspection of the house and if you are satisfied, you will sign our Hand Over documents and receive the keys to your new house.

A six month retention period is applicable in which period we will fix any defects that may occur.